Snacking on the pounds

One of my greatest challenges over the past several years has been the eating all day long.

Part of it is unavoidable – I have to taste along the way  the food I’m preparing for clients.  Whether making 4- or 5-course dinner parties or a meal service consisting of 5 or 6 different complete meals with unique proteins and sides (up to 18 different dishes in a day).  The bite here and bite there, though, adds up – and can be as much as 200 calories.

The avoidable snacking is the this and that while I’m working on the computer or sitting in front of the TV.  It’s really more a distraction from what needs doing or a bribe to keep myself going past midnight, 1 or 2 in the morning.  Isn’t it true that we never distract ourselves with broccoli or bribe ourselves with brown rice?

Part of this journey is being more conscious about what I eat and that has started with the snacks.  Yesterday, I had only two meals – a late breakfast and early supper.  That’s dangerous, because before and after these meals the snacking tendency was stronger.  One thing I’m trying to do for the most part – not always easy – is to think before I eat something.  Not to debate calories, but to decide a) whether I really want it, and b) am I even hungry.

Just taking these couple of minutes to consider means that that I’m going to be aware of what I’m eating, really enjoy and savour it, rather than just wolfing it down (getting rid of the evidence more quickly means it wasn’t ever there…am I right?).  It’s making the choice to enjoy a particular food, not eating simply because it’s there.  Eating consciously makes the food taste better, even something as simple as a bowl of fruit.

I still have something delightful every day, a couple of cookies, a small bowl of ice cream, or even a piece of chocolate.  What I’ve been re-teaching myself is that one piece tastes great, but it doesn’t have to lead to a dozen.

The greatest challenge time is during stress and late nights working – when my mind begs for diversion or bribes to stay alert and keep going.

What do you do to keep yourselves from eating for distraction or comfort?

Love to hear your comments!

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