Heart Health Month – recipes that fit

Heart & Stroke FoundationFebruary holds that heart holiday, Valentine’s Day,  so it’s appropriate that The Heart and Stroke Foundation has deemed February Heart month.  Did you know that more people die of heart disease than any other cause?  And did you know that heart disease is responsible for more deaths in women than ALL cancers combined?

When I heard that last statistic a couple of years ago, I began focusing more of my energy behind eating for health and cooking for health, minimizing the risks for heart disease.  Happily, these also minimize the risks for cancer and other diseases as well.

Revive Wellness is holding a fundraising challenge – every $10 you donate sees another heart-healthy recipe loaded to their web site.  I’m providing several recipes to them to use in their challenge, so make a donation and eat well along the way!  The first recipe will be posted tomorrow – not near my computer right now.  It’s a wild rice salad with an orange vinaigrette.  It’s worth the wait!

What heart-healthy recipes do you make?

Love to hear your comments!

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