Summer in October


BruschettaI am so grateful to G for all his hard work this summer, planting and caring for our container garden. We are still enjoying the fruits of his labour – literally.

Every day more tomatoes ripen and we (mostly me) enjoy them for breakfast, lunch and supper. Sliced, drizzled with olive oil & balsamic vinegar, and sprinkled with flaked sea salt.  Chopped into tabouleh or fattoush salads.  On a sandwich smothered in mayonnaise.  In bruschetta with fresh bread and cheese.  As a luscious soup or sauce for pasta.  Sliced and scattered on homemade pizza.  And with lots of hot peppers and cilantro, the freshest of salsas.

Some people preserve their tomatoes for later and maybe next year I will put some by for winter.  This first year of having an herb and tomato garden, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying them fresh.

On this last day of October with the wind blowing and freezing temperatures on the horizon, every burst of their sweet goodness reminds me of summer.

Love to hear your comments!

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