Truth in advertising – not all blog posts are editorial

Although I have been approached numerous times, I never accept remuneration of any kind to endorse or promote products, brands, companies or initiatives. Unlike many food bloggers who solicit and are paid by corporations to feature ingredients and products in recipes and posts, I prefer to remain objective. When I do speak about a product, readers can be certain it’s because I use it and trust it – no one is paying me.

I believe that online blogging should have the same content disclaimer requirement as print media – that compensated blog posts promoting a commercial product or company be clearly identified as advertorial. Readers trust food bloggers – but if what is being written has been bought and paid for by a company, it may look and sound beautiful but is nothing more than an advertisement and should clearly noted as such.

Does knowing whether posts are paid product placement matter to you? Would it change your view on the credibility of the blogger? Would you be inclined more or less to follow food bloggers who solicit payment for writing product posts without identifying them as advertorial?

One thought on “Truth in advertising – not all blog posts are editorial

  1. I would like to see a space on every Blog that is titled “Full Disclosure”. For me, I want to see full disclosure for things like: a food blogger being compensated to promote a food product or applicance, a general blogger getting a Ford vehicle for a weekend, and a food writter/blogger getting free access to a restaurant opening or special invite to a food event. I believe, despite what others may say, that when you are compensated either monitarily or ‘in kind’ you are somewhat biased. Full disclosure rather than advertorial is the wording I’d like to see consistently used in all Blogs.


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