Pot of Pasta

Food Gifts

The best gifts are always the most personal, and that doesn’t have to mean expensive. Food is always great, so here are some ideas for unique food-related gifts for Mother’s Day or any occasion.

Cooking Class

Your friend admires your abilities in the kitchen and loves your signature dish. Buy the ingredients, invite your friend over and teach them the tips and tricks for preparing that exceptional recipe you’ve created. It’s a one-of-a-kind gift and special way to bond with someone close to you.

Dinner Party

Give yourself as a gift. Plan the menu, buy the ingredients, take the tools and prepare a special meal for your friend in their kitchen. They get to enjoy a terrific meal in the comfort of their own dining room as you become their personal chef for the evening.

Give a Recipe

Turn that special recipe you make that everyone loves into a unique gift.

  • Choose a gift “basket” that best suits the recipe. Maybe a basket, colander, decorative bag, sieve, serving dish, platter, wooden box, cooler bag, or a stock pot. Get creative!
  • Write the recipe on attractive cardstock, postcard or even the back of a photo of you, the gift recipient, or a landscape.
  • Arrange ingredients for the recipe in the “basket.”
  • If you like, wrap it in cellophane (from craft stores) and tie with a large ribbon.
  • Attach a gift card and deliver with a smile!

Hostess Gifts

Food gifts are a thoughtful thank you when you’re invited to a party or to give guests coming to your event.

Keep some distinctive prepared items like seasoned oil, special vinegars, interesting jams and imported salts in your pantry for a last-minute invitation.

Home-made gifts like muffins and small pots of jam are always appreciated.

The ingredients for a custom spice blend or cookie recipe is a quick, easy and very personal gift.  Package it in food-safe bags (from craft stores) and then place in a gift box.  Make it extra special by attaching a copy of your recipe.

Picnic in a Backpack

There are many retailers who sell picnic backpacks which are excellent for an afternoon of theatre in the park or great for hiking up the side of a mountain. To make the gift even more personal:

  • add a bottle of wine or Italian sparkling water
  • provide lock and seal containers for the food they want to prepare and take
  • include a gift certificate to a favourite deli so they can pick up salads, sandwiches, fruit and cheese on their way to the picnic
  • slide in a Frisbee for some fun after lunch

Personal Chef Service

A Personal Chef is the perfect gift for anyone, for any occasion. It is a memorable and special experience, and is a great way to give Mom a break from the kitchen. Fees vary from chef to chef and the service to be provided, and can be in-home or at different locations.

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