Par-Q Fitness and Wellness Questionnaire before beginning exercise activity

PAR-Q Fitness Questionnaire

PAR-Q – required for all students

The PAR-Q questionnaire must be completed by all students prior to commencing any yoga or fitness classes: registered, drop-in, private, by donation, goodwill, barter, pro bono, or no charge.

click to  open and/or download ->  PAR-Q 2018

  1. Print the PAR-Q.
  2. Complete it honestly, please, to ensure your health and safety during class. Discuss with your physician and wellness team as needed.
  3. It is each student’s responsibility to know your health conditions and what is needed to ensure your safety.
  4. Submit the PAR-Q to me prior to the beginning of your first class. Please be assured all personal information you provide shall be held in confidence.
  5. If you are or may be pregnant, click to open and/or  download -> ParMed-X for Pregnancy

If you have questions about the forms or if the links don’t work, please contact me.