Bake-A-Batch for Wings of Providence

Bake A Batch for Wings of Providence

Last updated: November 11, 2015

112 Bakers | 224 Dozen Treats Pledged | 175 dozen still needed – can you help?

About Wings of Providence

Wings of Providence is a multi-faceted support agency for women and children fleeing domestic violence. They provide housing, resources, life skills programs, and assistance for these women and children starting over again, usually with nothing.

About Bake-A-Batch

For 24 years my sister, Tracy, has been baking 200+ dozen holiday treats for the moms, children, and staff at Wings of Providence for their annual Christmas party. Due to back and knee issues, Tracy is no longer able to stand and bake the many days she used to. This year, the mission is being reinvented by extending an invitation to anyone who wants to be part of making Wings of Providence Christmas party a sweet success. Sadly, the need for shelter has grown, and with this year’s opening of a second building at Wings of Providence, 400+ dozen treats will be needed.

How You Can Help

Click the image for a poster you can share with folks at work or by email to invite them to participate.
Click the image for a poster you can share with folks at work or by email to invite them to participate.

We are inviting you to Bake a Batch for Wings of Providence. As you do your holiday baking, please set aside 2 or 3 dozen of your favourite homemade holiday treat. (Or more if you like.) Cookies, squares, cakes, tarts, drops, fudge, buttons, bark – whatever you usually make will be wonderful. Together, each of us contributing a bit, we can help ensure that the women, children and staff at Wings of Providence can continue to have a delicious Christmas party.

If you would like to participate, please
– join the Facebook event
sign up by email (we will keep you updated on the event)
– share this event with anyone who would be interested in participating (click the image to the left for a poster you can share)

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Media inquiries, please contact Elaine Wilson at 780.887.0205

What to bake

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Details – packaging, drop-off, and more

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Gift Donations

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