Kid-Friendly Cooking – Easy Chicken and Vegetable Soup

In-home cooking classes for kids are a really fun activity for birthday parties and sleepovers.  We talk about kitchen safety, food safety and cooking tips for kids and their grown-ups.  They get right in there and have a great time being creative in the kitchen and sharing their creations with their families.

Biscuits_ScallionVegan (1)The most popular classes are Pizza, Taco and Cupcakes, but today’s birthday girl wanted to learn how to make chicken soup and bread, so we made this incredibly good Easy Chicken and Vegetable Soup and Easy Cheesy Biscuits.  Even if you’re kids don’t like vegetables, don’t be surprised when they enjoy this – using fresh vegetables makes all the difference and the vegetable-haters yesterday loved this soup! (Click here for the recipes.)

It’s a delicious and comforting soup for a cold winter’s day, easy and quick to prepare, and fun to do with your kids.   Try using beef broth and cooked meat as a variation, maybe adding potatoes with the vegetables instead of noodles.  For a vegetarian option, use vegetable broth and cooked lentils or edamame beans.  It’s a great starting recipe – play with it and create your own signature soups.

What kid-friendly recipes do you have most success with?