Mascerated Berries with Ginger Lemon Crème – a taste of summer

I love that my clients are requesting lighter desserts for their dinner parties.  After a lovely 3-course meal, having cheesecake or chocolate torte may be delicious but it’s also heavy, often weighing in at over 500 calories per serving.

I came up with this dessert a couple of years ago and have made dozens of variations of it. It’s becoming  a popular way to balance a dinner party – light, delicious, and with the price of berries this time of year, definitely a treat. It’s not the season for local berries in Canada but sometimes imported berries on a cold winter night reminds us that somewhere it’s summer and it will return here soon.

Straining the yogurt makes it thick and creamy, similar to Greek yogurt and an excellent substitute for whipped cream, crème fraîche, and sour cream.

As explained in the recipe, my trick to keeping ginger sugar in the pantry is raiding the bottoms of the crystallized ginger bins in the bulk food section.  The grocers are always willing to sell it because otherwise they just throw it out – tastes great in baking, on crème brulée, in tea, and used to mascerate the berries, gives that extra zing.

Click here for the recipe, and then share your variations and suggestions.