Masks for Family and Friends!

While my current supply of fabric lasts, I’m providing masks at no charge for family and friends. Custom masks are available (scroll down for info).

I began making masks early in the quarantine, relearning the skill of sewing along the way (hadn’t touched a machine in decades). I spent many days on YouTube and tested many different methods and patterns. Gary and I like this mask best – sits high on the nose and has an inner pocket liner. It’s snug and comfortable, and my glasses don’t fog up.

Mask front – before elastic is added.

The masks have 2 layers of 100% all-new cotton fabric with a filter pocket if you choose to insert extra layers. The fabric has been washed and dried three times to preshrink it before sewing.

Mask back – with pocket for filter if you need.

The masks fit under the chin and have a wire nose bridge for a snug fit. Every face is different so if the mask doesn’t fit you properly, let me know and I will test drive an adjusted size for you. (I am using light wire for the bridge unless you want a heavier gauge wire for more snugness – let me know.)

Wire nose bridge stitched in.

After testing many masks over the past months, Gary and I prefer elastic around the head and neck rather than loops around the ears which can irritate and also interfere with glasses and hearing aids. My dad is wearing this mask and reports it’s great with his hearing aids.

Elastic can be worn high on the head or
around the back of the head as is comfortable for you.

The elastic is tied rather than sewn in so that it can be adjusted for your comfort. It can be replaced or swapped out for a different type of elastic, cloth tie, etc. If you prefer loops for your ears, let me know and I will cut them to your preference. I use more black elastic than white, so let me know if you have a preference.

Elastic is tied to make it adjustable/replaceable. The knot can be worn on the neck, back of the head, or hidden inside the side fold of the side of the mask.

Most of us don’t need to wash masks that often. Letting sit untouched for several days between wearings works great to decontaminate (recommended by several health agencies). It’s suggested to have at least 4 masks per person so you always have a mask ready to go. Cloth masks reduce the incredible amount of waste from single-use disposable masks.

Fabric options are pictured below. Don’t like them? I can make custom masks. Visit A Great Notion, browse their 100% cotton fabrics, send me the name of the fabric or link, and let me know how many masks you want. Half a metre makes 2 masks; one metre makes 4 to 5 masks. I will pay when I pick up the fabric and we can settle up later.

Note about solid colours: they show wrinkles much more than so than patterns. If you don’t mind ironing, they’re great. I have two on hand, or you can choose your own from A Great Notion.

Masks are NO CHARGE while my fabric supplies last. It’s been good to brush up on my sewing skills (which are still not stellar but get the task done). When I run out of fabric or if you want custom masks, they will be about $5 to $7 each to cover fabric, elastic, nose wire, etc.

Call/text your choices to 778-227-7927 or email

Please click on any of the images below to open the gallery for a closer look at the fabrics.