Fresh Fish

Oven-Roasted Fish with Fresh Tomato-Basil Sauce

We hear that we’re supposed to eat more fish, but besides pre-packaged fish that can be high in fat and added salt, how can it be prepared easily and taste good?

Pan-frying is one alternative, but clients are always asking how they can cook fish without it sticking to their frying pan.   My solution:  roast it.  There are different methods I’ll share, but today’s tip is to keep baking parchment in your kitchen pantry.  A special paper that can withstand high cooking temperatures, it’s great for roasting meat, fish and vegetables so they don’t stick to your pan.

Lining a baking sheet or pan with parchment paper and roasting the fish quickly in a very hot oven sears the outside, seals in the juices and cooks it thoroughly and quickly without needing to pan-fry or use additional oil.  This method is for fish without the skin – I’ll share another technique later for oven-roasting fish with its skin on.

Click here for the recipe – start to finish, only about 20 minutes.

What quick fish dishes do you make?