Private Yoga Classes

Private classes are for

  • those who prefer to practice on their own, as a couple, with friends, or in their own space and/or at their own schedule;
  • corporations and businesses who want to bring movement, breath work, mindfulness, and relaxation to a busy work environment; and
  • individuals rehabbing or recovering from injury or trauma, needing one-on-one movement or relaxation guidance.
Private classes can be ideal for those wanting to focus on a particular aspect of practice, or refresh themselves. Breath work, meditation, and relaxation exercises are great 30-minutes private classes.
Restorative classes are generally 90-minutes, but can be tailored to fit a 60-minute time slot in a busy corporate or other tight schedule and still provide much-needed relaxation benefit. Maximum 2 students per restorative class. (All equipment, props will be provided.)

Fees are for small groups up to 4 people, except Restorative Yoga which has a limit of 2 people per class.

For larger corporate or other private groups, size/pricing can be customized with discussion. For more information on any aspect of private classes, please call me at 778-227-7927.