Vietnamese Caramelized Fish

Vietnamese Caramelized FishThis is a delightful dish I discovered on a recent visit to Ho Chi Minh City.  Having lived in Thailand, I love the freshness of Southeast Asian cuisine.  There are many great Vietnamese restaurants in Edmonton and I was looking forward to learning more about how to prepare some dishes I haven’t tried here.

This recipe for Vietnamese Caramelized Fish is really quick and simple.  The secret ingredient is a coconut caramel sauce but as most people might not have time or want to make a separate caramel sauce, I tweaked the recipe slightly to get that flavour and texture right in the cooking.

Serve it with hot rice and a vegetable stir fry – let me know how it works for you. Click here for the recipe for Vietnamese Caramelized Fish

Prepared on Breakfast Television January 30, 2012.

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