Yoga at the Beverley – Class Registration

Class Registration

I am currently working on an online class booking system but as that is going to take some time to set up, I thought we could be informal for the months of December and January. Gentle Hatha classes will be drop in (see schedule below) and Beginners Yoga and Restorative Yoga classes can be booked directly with me by e-mailing me at or calling at 778-227-7927.

Someone asked how often they should do yoga. Those who have been doing yoga for years usually practice every day, but as with any fitness activity, most of us need to work up to that. If brand new to yoga, I suggest twice each week and check in with your body. Twice allows the brain and body to assimilate what is being learned. That said, maybe once is enough for you. You make the call on what fits for your body. For many months I went to yoga almost every day. If you listen to your body and work within its abilities, you can shape your practice and frequency to fit you. It doesn’t matter what the person on the mat next to you is doing, because yoga is not about competition (despite what social media tries to tell us).

Beginners Yoga Classes

Recommended for anyone new to yoga or who practiced a long time ago. Learn the shapes, postures, breath work, and rhythm in a relaxed and non-competitive environment. These 60-minute classes are paced to give students the time they need to absorb information and build each element on its own and as part of a sequence. Students are encouraged to use tools to facilitate movement. Using a tool does not make anyone less “good” at yoga. In fact, it means you are listening to what your body needs. (That picture at the top of the page? I always use those props doing low lunges.)

Limited to 4 students per class, each series runs 8 weeks long to provide you a progression of learning and practice. It is absolutely okay to sign up for more than one series if you want to practice more than once a week. I would recommend no more than twice a week if you are new to exercise. It’s better to start slow and build up then go too strenuously out of the gate.

Note: If you absolutely cannot sit on the ground or lay down, it may be best to wait until Chair Yoga is offered in 2019. If you can get down on the ground easily enough, but need help getting up – let’s discuss. I have to prop myself up when getting off the ground, too, so we can probably make it work.

Need to skip a class? No problem. I have accounted for space in all the Beginners Yoga Classes so that you can make up the class in another series on a different day of the week. We all have, understandably, busy lives.

Pre-registration is required. You can register for one (or two) of the series below by e-mailing me at or calling/texting me at 778-227-7927. Registrations are first-come, first-serve. Even though the classes are free for December and most of January, please let’s respect other students and avoid no-shows. If you change your mind and decide to withdraw or change the date of your class, please let me know.

Thursday at 1:30 pm – December 13 to January 31
Friday at 4:00 pm – December 14 to February 1
Sunday at 9:00 am – December 16 to February 3
Monday at 8:00 am – January 7 to February 25
Monday at 7:00 pm – January 7 to February 25

Mats and equipment are provided but if you’d like to bring your own, you’re more than welcome.

Note: For those students who can’t make any of these dates or are currently out of the country, don’t fret – Beginner’s Classes will be offered ongoing. You’ll have lots of opportunity when you get home.

Gentle Hatha Classes

While the word Hatha encompasses all forms of yoga, the class Hatha Yoga has become known for being a mindfully paced style focused on shape, alignment, and breath to build strength, endurance, flexibility, and stamina. Gentle Hatha does all of this a bit slower without the intensely difficult postures of advanced yoga. This class is ideal for those moving from Beginner’s Classes into a regular practice, and those wanting a practice that is focused on strength rather than cardio. Suitable for all levels except those new to yoga.

Until the end of December, we will experiment with drop-in for the classes as with the approaching holidays, schedules are unpredictable with last minute invitations or preparations. Starting in January, classes may revert to pre-registration.

Sunday – 10:30 am
Monday – 10:30 am and 7:00 pm (no 7:00 pm class December 24 or 31)
Wednesday – 7:00 am
Thursday – 10:30 am
Friday – 2:30 pm

Mats and equipment are provided but if you’d like to bring your own, you’re more than welcome.

Note: As we move into the new year, Hatha Yoga will be offered in addition to Gentle Hatha, as well as Yin Yoga, and Chair Yoga. The schedule will become more well rounded as Beginners move into the regular practice schedule.

Restorative Yoga Classes

Explore deep relaxation in a series of postures that are fully supported using bolsters, blankets, blocks and more. Suitable for almost every body and fitness level, the only requirement is the ability to lay down (kind of like sleeping on the ground). No yoga experience is required, also great for anyone rehabbing or looking for mindful movement. These 90-minute classes are limited to just 2 students and must be pre-registered. Register by e-mailing me at or calling/texting me at 778-227-7927.

Thursday – 3:00 pm
Sunday – 7:00 pm

Post-Holiday Relaxation
December 26 – 7:00 pm
January 2 – 7:00 pm

Mats and all props are provided but if you’d like to bring your own, you’re more than welcome.