Yoga at The Beverley – Free Classes

Why are the classes free?

My BCRPA Yoga Instructor certification won’t be complete until January due to instructor proctor availability. Therefore, I’ve decided not to charge for classes until then.  As a new teacher, this makes me feel better as you are my first students and free is a great price to pay while I’m learning how to create and manage classes. Your patience and feedback will be invaluable to me.

Because there are a number of students with strength and mobility issues, I have also registered for the BCRPA’s Fitness for Older Adults certification.  I will be able to teach those who need assistance as well as Chair Yoga once certified. I will need to do practice classes ahead of certification, so again, those initial classes will be no charge.

That said….contributions toward the cost of the yoga equipment are welcome and can be dropped off at any scheduled class or to me at any other time (just give me a call, text, or email and we can meet up). With the addition of blankets, more blocks, and a few other things, the cost is closer to $600. If each student contributes $20, that would be great. Any excess will be donated to the Social Committee’s food bank drive. (The equipment can be used by anyone using the exercise room for stretching or practice outside classes.)

When do classes start?

December 13th!

But before you can learn yoga with me, there is some paperwork that needs to be completed. Please print and complete the following forms. (If need be, consult your physician to ensure you have knowledge of conditions or cautions to be aware of doing yoga.)

The PAR-Q questionnaire can be opened/downloaded and printed by clicking the link below
Par-Q 2018 Questionnaire.
(Yes, you still need to complete the PAR-Q for me, even if you did one for Aquafit. Different classes, different instructors, we both require it be done.)

The standard waiver can be opened/downloaded and printed by clicking the link below
Student Waiver

Please bring the completed forms to your first yoga class or you can place them in a sealed envelope (for your privacy) and leave them with Naomi. All information provided will be held confidential and not used for any purpose other than facilitating your yoga journey.

Paperwork printed? Filled out? Ready to register for classes? Click here!