Yoga at The Beverley – Fees

Free classes have been extended until February 15, 2019. I have completed and passed all my certification requirements and am awaiting the certification documentation.

Once certified, all Hatha and Yin classes will be $10/class; Restorative Yoga $20/class; and Beginners Yoga $80/8-session.

Sharing Equipment Costs

To defray the costs of yoga equipment purchased, each student is asked to contribute $20. I have purchased mats, bricks, blankets, blocks, straps, and a few other things. If we collect more than that, the excess will be used toward future equipment needs (maybe bolsters). You can drop off the $20 at any scheduled class or to me at any other time (just give me a call, text, or email and we can meet up).

Note: The equipment can be used by all owners using the exercise room for stretching or private yoga practice. If non-yoga users of the exercise room feel benefit from the equipment and would like to contribute $20, that would be great.

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