Yoga at The Beverley – Fees

For the months of December and January, all classes are free. Why?

My BCRPA Yoga Instructor certification won’t be complete until January due to instructor proctor availability. Therefore, I’ve decided not to charge for classes until then.  As a new teacher, this makes me feel better as you are my first students and free is a great price to pay while I’m learning how to create and manage classes. Your patience and feedback will be invaluable to me.

Because there are a number of students with strength and mobility issues, I have also registered for the BCRPA’s Fitness for Older Adults certification.  I will be able to teach those who need assistance as well as Chair Yoga once certified. I will need to do practice classes ahead of certification, so again, those initial classes will be no charge.

Once certified, all Hatha and Yin classes will be $10/class; Restorative Yoga $20/class; and Beginners Yoga $80/8-session.

For the class list, please click here. To learn more about the different types of classes being offered, please click here.

Sharing Equipment Costs

To defray the costs of yoga equipment purchased, each student is asked to contribute $20. I have purchased mats, bricks, blankets, blocks, straps, and a few other things. If we collect more than that, the excess will be used toward future equipment needs (maybe bolsters). You can drop off the $20 at any scheduled class or to me at any other time (just give me a call, text, or email and we can meet up).

Note: The equipment can be used by all owners using the exercise room for stretching or private yoga practice. If non-yoga users of the exercise room feel benefit from the equipment and would like to contribute $20, that would be great.

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